Global Warming: Movie Review

What caused Global Warming?

It is primarily caused by the accumulation of water vapor, skin tightening and and other greenhouse gases inside earth’s atmosphere. This is not a legitimate bad fact because having these gases results in a fine balance inside the earth’s body of waters. Without these gases, the oceans will freeze; we would n’t need that. This accumulation somehow has natural causes. However, man’s activities like fossil fuel burning,pollution,deforestation and the like have largely contributed to the dramatic increase of accumulated “gases”.

What would be the outcomes of Global Warming?

When these gases get trapped for long, it dramatically causes the dramatic rise of temperature. This dramatic increase has led massive ice glaciers to melt, ultimate dry of land surface and also other notable abnormal changes. ซีรีย์เกาหลี mentioned some effects: Myanmar Cyclone, Hurricane Katrina, and rise in sea levels causing islands to disappear.

My Perspective and Opinion to Global Warming

The documentary Inconvenient Truth was classic and laudable. It really stirred controversies if this premiered until AL Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize because of it, some critics then became fans. Personally, i am both a critic and fan. A fan because i admire people like him that are consisting of rare courage and motive . He underwent places to spread what he knew despite the fact that sometimes, he wasn’t given attention and support with the US Government and NASA. Critic because instead, he must focus on disseminating these information to mega companies who kill people and nature only to earn billions. Do you really think switching our electricity-consuming habits in the home can make a huge impact to this particular gigantic phenomena? Instead, you will want to think about closing all factories, malls, airports, trade centers, power plants,etc. on and on back to candles in the evening and cooking using raw woods for fire,etc. Obviously,it is not a shrewd option because the majority of our life’s conveniences revolve around electricity. But obviously, this is the ultimate solution: termination of consumerism of electricity. But the large questions are:
Are the big companies happy to compromise?
Are YOU ready to quit your conveniences as well?
It is absolutely difficult to decide upon this. And it’s pointless at fault the other. Let’s just accept the eventual consequences of a modern world. The least we might do is to not support products which violates IIEE’s nature standards and other relevant standards, organize awareness of this,etc . Besides, the entire world is His hands anf the husband won’t let go of it. Never.

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